Socket Scanner Virtual Keyboard

Great little feature from Socket Mobile: Pop-Up iOS Keyboard using the Socket Mobile Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Many of the Bluetooth barcode scanners on the market have serious drawbacks when they are used with iOS devices, due to the fact that Apple products recognize the scanner as a wireless keyboard and at the same time disable the built-in virtual keyboard.
This means that when you want to manually type any information into the iPad, you have to uncouple the Bluetooth scanner to gain access to the on-screen keyboard. Obviously, this is a major concern and problem for most users and counter acts any benefits gained with the scanner.

Luckily there are some manufacturers, like Socket Mobile, that have scanners capable of acting as HID Bluetooth devices which retains the virtual keyboard functionality, by double tapping the power button, allowing for simultaneous scanning and keystrokes.

Whatch this short video for a simple demonstration of this unique feature with Socket’s Apple certified CHS Series scanners.

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