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Monthly Archives: December 2019

  1. Comparison of the Epson TMC3500, TMC7500 and Primera Colour Printers

    Pigment Inkjet Colour Label Printers

    The most popular pigment inkjet colour label printers in Australia are the Epson TM-C3500, TM-C7500, VIPColor 495 and Primera LX2000 colour label printers. These colour label printers are ideal for printing highly durable labels.

    These colour label printers print using pigment-based inks, that dry instantly, resulting in labels that do not smudge or smear.

    Pigment inkjet colour label printers also offer better resistance to chemicals, oils, water, UV light, and abrasions when printed on, for example, matte chemical label material.

    Pigment inkjet colour label printers are good options if you need to print durable labels, tags, tickets, or wristbands.


    Dye-based Inkjet Colour Label Printers

    Dye-based inkjet colour label printers, such as the Primera LX900, LX400, VIPColor VP485, or the Epson TM-C7500G (Gloss), are best for printing labels with much more vibrant colours as well as higher resolutions, ideal for product labels on glossy paper, polypropylene, clear labels and polyester labels.

    Dye-based inkjet printers also have the largest selection of different materials print labels with.


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  2. Comparison of Evolis Card Printers - To help you decide

    This article will help you decide which Plastic PVC Card Printer is best for you, as we have a lot of poeple asking us " Which ID Card printer is he best for my needs?"

    Plastic card printers are excellent for instantly issuing membership cards, ID cards, VIP entry cards, or loyalty cards.

    The main things you need to consider before you purchase is the following:

    • 1. What are you planning to print on the cards? 
    • 2. How many cards do you print per year? 
    • 3. How secure do the cards have to be?

    This Evolis printer comparison covers the main range of Evolis printers: Badgy 200, Zenius, Primacy, Avansia, and Quantum 2.  Each of these printers has a specific purpose, but we can compare them against the above-mentioned points.


    1.) What are you planning to print on the cards?

    Badgy 200 (260 dpi) One-Sided Printing - The Badgy prints one-sided prints at 260 dpi and prints edge to edge, but it isn't a full-bleed print, and also prints barcodes of any variety you need.

    Zenius 300 dpi One-Sided Printing - Optional Mag/RFID - The Zenius prints higher resolution than the Badgy. It also comes with options like magnetic strip encoding, an optional ethernet port, or RFID/Prox card encoding.

    Primacy 300 dpi One-/Two-Sided Print - Optional Mag/RFID - Everything the Zenius can do, the Primacy can do and also do better. The Primacy offers all the features of the Zenius, but again, at a lower price per card. It's also field upgradable to each of the features, so you can add features as you need. It also has the mag encoder and RFID options, as well as a duplexer (card flipper) option, an LCD Display option, and a high-capacity output hopper option.

    Avansia 600 dpi Two-Sided Print - Optional Mag/RFID - The Avansia has an amazing 600 dpi printing. It only comes with a duplexing, or two-sided print option. But it does have an optional mag encoder or RFID/Prox card encoder. These are purchased with the printer, and can't be upgraded later.

    Quantum 300 dpi Two-Sided Print - Mag Encoder - Optional RFID/Prox - The Quantum comes with most everything you need. It comes with a built-in three-track mag encoder. It's built to print two-sided, and 300 dpi is really all you ever need from a printer. That, plus its quick speed and workhorse performance make it a great printer for high volume.


    2.) How many cards do you print per year?

    Badgy 200 - Ideal for printing less than 500 cards a year

    A Badgy is ideal for printing ID badges. It can do some other things, but it's not meant to print more than a few dozen cards a year. The Badgy is great for making ID cards, or for printing on RFID or Prox cards for door access too. It comes with Badgy Badge Studio, which is excellent software for making ID badges. It also has a bunch of templates.

    Zenius - Ideal for printing less than 10,000 cards a year

    The Zenius is a full-function printer that can handle some volume, but it does have some limitations. It prints one-sided cards only; and after you buy it, you can't add more features. It also comes with pretty basic software.

    Primacy - Ideal for printing more than 10,000 cards a year

    The Primacy is the bigger brother of the Zenius. It prints faster and the print cost is a little cheaper, and it comes with better software. It's also upgradable as you need. So if you buy a one-side print Primacy, you can upgrade it to two-sided printing. It is the best seller of the printers.

    Avansia - Ideal for printing more than 10,000 cards a year

    The Avansia does not print as fast as the Primacy, but it prints in an amazing 600 dpi resolution. It also offers a true edge to edge printing, or what we in the industry call "full bleed." The major advantage is that the Avansia si that it has a lifetime warranty on the print head.

    Quantum - Ideal for printing more than 50,000 cards a year

    With a similar printing style to the Evolis Primacy, the Quantum was designed to print high volume cards fast, and it has a big output hopper (comes with detachable input and output hoppers). The user loads the cards like a magazine into a pistol, and then take the completed cards out the other side. 


    3.) How secure do the cards have to be?

    The Badgy 200 is minimally secure

    A Badgy is not meant to make driver's licenses or ID Cards for a high-security company. It is more suited for printing ID cards for warehouse employees, as an example. The Badgy can even add barcode functionality and put photos on the cards but has no encoding options.

    The Zenius has high security

    The Zenius offers additional safety features such as holographic varnish ribbons, or encoded magnetic strips. The device can also be locked so that the secure information cannot be read off the used ribbon and the mag data can be encrypted if required.

    The Primacy has high security

    The Primacy does everything the Zenius does, and also offers two-sided print and scalability, printing faster, and with fewer card refills.

    Avansia has very high security

    The Avansia is as secure as you can get on the market. Offering the data locking features of the Zenius and Primacy. Avansia also has a keyfob inside, and when removed, will not allow the printer to print. It can also create custom UV watermarks on cards, making the cards nearly impossible to replicate.

    The Quantum has high security

    With a similar printing style to the Primacy, the Quantum has the same security, it just prints more cards much faster with minimal hassle.


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