BPA Free Receipt Paper Rolls

In a study published by Springer-Verlag, someone who constantly handles BPA 80x80 receipt paper rolls on a daily basis, is prone to be exposed to an estimated 71 micrograms of BPA, which is 42 times less than the tolerable daily intake. These findings are reassuring, but most people still tend to be more vigilant when they hear something negative about a certain chemical.

Using a BPA-free 80x80 thermal paper can remove the concerns your employees may have about exposure, and also provde comfort to your customers by letting them know that you care for their safety.

The other factor to consider is that once BPA products are put into waste, it will have a negative impact to humans and or animals within the waste area. It has been shown in studies that BPA can have the same effect on animals as it does on humans, altering their ability to reproduce.

What about print quality? BPA is excellent for making stable and clear thermal prints, but BPA-free thermal papers are still very competitive in terms of overall print quality.

Alternative materials can be used for manufacturing thermal papers other than BPA, namely: BPS and Urea. BPS is currently the most common substitute for BPA because the latter has similar characteristics and properties to BPA, but BPA is still more harmful compared to BPS. BPS can however trigger the effects identical to BPA if some cases.

Another BPA alternative for thermal papers is called Urea, and is the best option you want something that is both BPA and BPS free. It’s an entirely different compound that doesn't bring the negative effects of the BPA and BPS chemicals, but is more expensive.

BPA is on many organisations ban lists for its reprotoxic and endocrine-disrupting properties, and as a consequence, BPS, has increasingly been used by paper manufacturers as an alternative to BPA, but there are concerns that it has similar effects to BPA.

Switzerland has become the first country in Europe to ban bisphenol S (BPS) and bisphenol A (BPA) from being used in thermal receipt paper, after the Federal Council voted in favour of their prohibition in March 2019, and is expected to become illegal in many countries over the coming years.

BPA-free thermal paper can save everyone from health issues associated with BPA. If you’re a business owner looking for paper rolls that are high quality and safe to use, BPA free Themal Rolls is the best option for you.

POS'99 can supply BPA-free thermal paper in various sizes, 80x80 is the most popular for receipt printers.


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