Vend & Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is a hot topic and talking to IT and financial people who want to have a discussion about operating costs, the standard question is along the lines of “Will the Cloud save me money?” Even thought this is a valid and important question,  the value that Cloud Computing brings to an organisation is often overlooked. 

The value that Cloud Computing brings is best summarised as follows:

- It gives organisations the ability to renew their focus on core activities and ultimately add business value

- It will lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the current technology being used

- It shifts capital expenditure to operating expenditure

- It reduces cost of running technology


This brings us to VEND Point of Sale Software:


Using Vend in your retail store for eg., does not require a costly server and server maintenance agreement, and no site visits from a technical guru charging $$’s by the hour.

Vend does require hardware to run of course, and there are a number of ways you can run Vend, for example, install Vend on a laptop, this works with simple set-ups, such as a home printer, or you can set it up on more sophisticated purpose-built equipment. If you have existing point-of-sale equipment, Vend could already work with your printer, screen and cash drawer, and Vend works on any device with a web-browser, including your iPad or Laptop.


CLICK HERE for a complete guide to all compatible Vend hardware
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