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Monthly Archives: September 2018

  1. COEX Container Scheme POS Printers and Scanners

    Please contact us for compatible COEX Container Scheme POS Printers and Scanners from POS'99

    Options include:

    - Epson m30 USB & Network Printer and Drawer bundle
    - QD2430 Barcode scanner
    - ZD410 Zebra Label printer

    We also sell sticky labels!



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  2. Installing the Wifi Dongle for the Epson TM-M30 printer when using an iPad

    The Epson TM-M30 receipt printer can be configured to print wirelessly on your network via Wi-Fi. In order to do this, you must convert the printer from Bluetooth to Wi-Fi, using a TM-m30 Wifi dongle.

    First plug the Wi-Fi dongle into the printer and ensure that that you have already completed the basic setup for your Epson TM-m30 printer. (Adding paper roll, plug into power, perform self test print out)

    Now follow these steps to  set up a Wi-Fi connection for the Epson TM-m30 receipt printer on your iPad:

    • - Install the Epson TM Utility app on your iPad and open it.
    • - Tap on the Wi-Fi Setup Wizard, and in the printer field ( top of the page), select TM-m30 and tap Next.
    • - When the printer was first connected to power, it should have already printed out a receipt showing the default IP address and the printer’s MAC address. If this receipt was NOT printed, then please select Not Printed and follow the steps listed on the Setup Wizard. Otherwise, tap Printed.
    • - Next a Temporary Profile Installation page will appear, then Tap Next.
    • - This will take you to a web browser and you will be asked "This website is trying to open Settings to show you a configuration profile. Do you want to allow this?" Now select Allow.
    • - You'll see the iPad Settings app, asking you to install a profile. Tap Install. A Warning appears "The profile is not signed". Tap Allow. Then tap Install on the pop-up. Tap Done.
    • - You are returned to the web browser. Under "Return to TM Utility" tap Back
    • - A pop-up saying "Open in TM Utility?" appears. Tap Yes. You are returned to the TM Utility. Tap Next.
    • - The printer is now broadcasting a WiFi network called "EPSON_Printer". On the iPad, navigate to Settings > WiFi and connect to this wireless network.
    • - Return to the TM Utility. The TM Utility will detect the network. Tap Next.
    • - Change the security type from None to WPA2-PSK(TKIP/AES). Tap Next.
    • - Tap Passphrase and enter your network password. Tap Next.
    • - Tap the green button that says Auto (DHCP)
    • - Now enter the desired IP address. Example:
    • - Now enter the gateway:
    • - Now Tap "Set to Printer".
    • - Navigate to the iPad settings app and select WiFi. Reconnect to the  network.
    • - Return to the TM Utility app. Tap Next.
    • - Select Test Print. If the printer is properly connected, a test sheet will print.
    • - Tap Finish. The printer is now configured.


    Please Note: The printer configuration can be accessed by entering the printer’s IP address into a web browser. The default username is epson and password is epson.

    We trust that this article has been useful, please feel free to contact our friendly team via chat, phone or email.


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