Barcode not valid?

Barcode Check - Ensure your barcodes scan first time, every time, all over the world.

With the GS1 Australia barcode check, you can check one your barcode.

Quality barcodes help to deliver uninterrupted supply chain performance, and testing barcodes prevents the costs associated with non-compliance, and fosters stronger trading partner relationships.

GS1 have tested more than 1.5 million barcodes to ensure they scan first time, every time.  

It's preferable to submit your barcodes in their final form, however GS1 can also test loose labels and packaging.

GS1 test on a range of factors - including compliance to global standards, size, colour, print quality, numbering and more.

Once tested, GS1 will provide you with a GS1 Australia Bar Code Verification Report, indicating the compliance of your barcode and if necessary, any changes you may need to make.

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