Star TSP100 TSP143 Receipt Printer

The Star Micronics TSP100 range is a receipt printer not only offering innovative functionality, it also remains one of the most cost effective Point of Sale printers on the market. 

The TSP100 offers superior print speed, renowned Star build quality as well as ease of use. The TSP100 is supplied with all accessories available in the box including a USB interface and power cables,  a wall mount kit and the unique free of charge set-up and marketing software tools designed for users to make receipt design and set-up modifications without having to alter their existing Point of Sale software.

The Star Micronics TSP100 / TSP143 futurePRNT range consists of four versions:

  1. TSP143III-U Receipt Printer with USB Interface 
  2. TSP143III-LAN Receipt Printer with Ethernet Interface
  3. TSP143III-Bi Receipt Printer with Bluetooth Interface
  4. TSP143III-WLAN Receipt Printer with Wifi Interface


The TSP100 / TSP143 range of printers are compatible with many iPad, Android and Windows applications, including Uber Eats, Doordash, Vend, Kounta, Retail Express, PosBoss, LightSpeed, Square and many more.

Here are some examples of the value-added software available with the TSP100:

Receipt Re-Design Tool:

Designed to work independently from your current Point of Sale software, the receipt re-design tool will allow users to redesign their receipts.  User will be able to crop unwanted sections with embedded text and graphics left behind by their legacy software using the Receipt Cropping Tool, and also replace any truetype fronts with more attractive fonts, without affecting the speed of the printer using the Font Replacement Tool.   Click Here for more information

Auto text reversal:

It's also possible to reverse the text output using Auto-Text Reversal™ for when the TSP100 is vertically or wall.

Coupon Marketing Tool:

You can incentivise your customers and promote brand loyalty by automatically printing  vouchers and coupons linked to your customer's transactions. The Coupon Marketing Tool will recognise all pre-determined "trigger action" keywords and enable the TSP100 to print an unlimited amount of promo coupons at the bottom of each of the customer receipts. The TSP100 Image Import Tool will simplify the storing of graphics and logos in the printer. Click here for more information

Journal and Multi-Copy Tool:

Users will be able to determine how many copies of each receipt should be printed and even specify different text and graphics required.  Users are also able to create an Electronic Journal of all transactions, which in turn can be printed or stored in a file to provide true representations of all receipts and coupons printed.  

 Pre-Installation Set-Up Tool:

This functionality makes the TSP100 incredibly simple to set up.  The drivers are available on CD for all major platforms and all the TSP100's printer features are available from the printer properties page in Windows™.   All settings (including logos, coupons etc.) can be pre-stored on the PC or POS system and simply mirrored across other TSP100 printers for mass system installations.  No hardware configuration is needed at all. Star has included a modular Software Developers Kit with a wide range of tools available for system designers. (Please note futurePRNT software is not MAC™ compatible)


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