Linea Pro 5

The latest MFi-certified device launched in 2013 by IPC – the first company to enable Apple products with mobile Piont of Sale functionality – is compatible with the Apple iPhone5, the  iPod touch 5th generation and the newest 16GB Apple iPod touch 5th generation tablet.

The Linea Pro 5 was developed based purely on customer feedback and extensive industry research. The Linea Pro 5 delivers improved design and faster than ever scanning capabilities, helping retailers to enhance their customer’s in-store experience.

From the IPC President:  “More than 250,000 mobile POS devices have been deployed in 30%  of the top 20 U.S.A. retailers, IPC has a distinct advantage in serving the retail industry’s unique Point of Sale requirements. By applying IPC’s expertise and relationships, along with industry research, IPC is helping retailers create a more streamlined consumer experience enabled by Apple’s latest products, and the Linea Pro 5’s excellent compatibility with the just-launched 16GB iPod touch 5th generation is testament to IPC’s ability to keep pace withApple’s extremely rapid development cycle.”

Linea Pro 5 – What is the hype all about?

Maximize functionality and convenience:

The Linea Pro 5 with its Lightning connector maximizes the functionality and convenience of Apple’s iPhone 5, iPod touch 5th generation and 16GB iPod touch 5th generation by attaching a 1D or 2D barcode scanner and magnetic stripe reader to the Apple device. The sleeker design and faster scanning capabilities of the handheld device, optimizes efficiency by increasing customer conversion rates and freeing up floor space formerly dedicated to traditional Point of Sale counters. Available with optional Bluetooth® and RFID readers, the Linea Pro 5 is equipped to deliver near-field communication (NFC) in the future updates.

Inventory Management & Asset Tracking:

In addition to Point of Sale, the Linea Pro 5 can be used for expediting inventory management, asset tracking, lead tracking, ID verification, inspection and work flow, dispatch, time/labour and lab and healthcare. Software development resources and tools are also available for the product so that customers can program scanner and reader functions into their own software applications.


IPC also offers a variety of accessories including protective cases, holsters and stands that can be customized with company colours and logos. The Linea Pro 5 also comes with a Bluetooth option to connect to a portable receipt printer.

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