Star Micronics TSP654IISK Liner-Free Sticky Label Printer


The Star Micronics TSP654SK  Liner-less Sticky Label Printer is perfect for your walk-in, take-away and delivery orders, as well as labelling food containers in the fridge.

The Star Micronics TSP654IISK sticky printer will save your staff lots of time and print your own professional, easy-to-read tickets with this liner-free sticky label printer.

The TSP654IISK allows you to print individual labels for each item in an order, and stick and re-stick linerless labels quickly and effectively to save your staff time and reduce labelling errors by up to 99%

The Star Micronics TSP654 Compatible heat resistant thermal sticky labels (sold separately) can stick to virtually any surface, including paper and plastic cups and food containers, and can be removed easily and also reapplied, leaving behind no residue on the cup or product.

The Star Micronics TSP654IISK sticky label printer is compatible with many iPad POS apps, including Square (Square Stand and iPad / iOS devices), Vend, Kounta, Lightspeed, and many more POS apps in Australia.

POS'99 is located in Australia, and stocks this printer in Brisbane and Sydney, and ships with express courier accross Australia including Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Perth and Darwin.

The Star TSP654IIISK is availabel in the following interfaces: Ethernet, USB, Parallel, Serial/RS232 and CloudPRNT

Infrastructure Requirements: Wi-Fi and a router (or network port) is required for the network version, and the sticky paper rolls sold separately.

Included in the printer box:  TSP654IISK sticky label printer Setup guide Wall mount accessory Power switch cover.

Star Micronics TSP654IISK Printer Features: Materials: Plastic and Black grey Dimensions: Height: 132 mm / Width: 142 mm / Depth: 202 mm Weight 1.72 kg

The Star Micronics TSP654IISK Sticky Label Printer uses MaxStick Thermal liner free sticky label paper. These heat resistant thermal labels can stick to virtually any surface, including paper bags, plastic cups and food containers, and can be easily removed and reapplied, with no residue left behind.

The Star Micronics TSP654IISK works best with the MaxStick Linerless Label range -  ORDER MAXSTICK LABELS HERE at POS99 discounted prices - Enter the printer serial number and receive  discount pricing.

Key advantages of the maxStick Labels are: 

1. Affordable - Save up to 50 % on other brands on the market

2. The diamond pattern glue on the label is the best for the food industry

3. The labels leave NO Residue, and can Re-Stik, reducing waste

4. Stiks Anywhere - Stick to multiple surfaces – bags, boxes, wraps, cups, trays, counter tops and more


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