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Monthly Archives: March 2018

  1. Best Small Business Accounting Solution - Is it SageOne?

    SageOne Accounting is considered by many to be the one of the best Small Business Accounting Solutions in Australia. 

    Not only is SageOne very affordable (Currently $20 p.m. or $216 per annum for the basic plan with 2 users), it can also provide you with Cloud Invoicing, Payroll, Stock control / Inventory and much more.

    After looking into various accounting options, including Xero and Quickbooks, it was found that SageOne has all the basics covered that concerns business owners and accountants, such as detailed user permission access controls, affordability, security, flexibility and user friendliness.

    SageOnes functionality includes, but is not limited to the following:

    Unlimited transactions, Unlimited email and telephone support, Reports with drill downs, Manage customers, suppliers and items, 1GB storage with 2 users, 1 Company, Automatic backups, Bank and credit card processing, Pay by Mastercard, Visa or Amex, Accountants area, Sky Payroll integration and many free mobile apps.

    SageOne integrates with Shopify ECommerce, and together with Shopify POS you will have a neat and affordable end-to-end solution for your small retail and online business.

    POS'99 is a specialist in Point of Sale, Inventory management and label printing hardware solutions, please give us a ring if you need advise on the best hardware options for your specific needs. Be carefull not to purchase just any scanner or printer without checking with POS'99 first to confirm if it is compatible with your software and if it will work for your specific store or warehouse environment.





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  2. How to install a Timely Star USB printer on a Windows PC

    These steps will help you to install a Star TSP100U (TSP143U) USB printer on Microsoft PC or Laptop or POS Terminal with Timely and Microsoft Windows installed on it


    1. Download and install the printer software / driver from the Star Support website:


    2. Click on the "TSP100 futurePRNT Software" link to progess to the download page 
    3. Once installed, open the Control Panel on your Windows device and select Devices and Printers from the options.
    4. Right click the Star TSP100/TSP143/TSP100U printer (the latest is the TSP100U model).
    5. Choose Printing Preferences from the option, then click Advanced.
    6. Under Paper Size, select "72mm x Receipt" (or 80mm if not available)
    7. Click OK twice to return to the Windows list of devices.
    8. Right click the same printer again, and choose Printer Properties.
    9. Select the Advanced tab.
    10. Click Printing Defaults and then Advanced from the options.
    11. Under Paper Size, make sure that "72mm x Receipt" is selected: 
    12. Click OK twice to confirm.
    13. Your USB Star printer is now set up, ready for receipt printing from Timely.

    This step is to "tell" Timely to print receipts instead of invoices, otherwise, you'll end up with tiny invoices.
    1. In Timely, go to Setup > Sales settings (From the main menu).
    2. Scroll down to the Invoice printing settings section:
    3. Next to each location, choose Thermal receipt from the dropdown: 

    4. Click Save to apply your changes.
    5. When you are printing from the Calendar, or when viewing the invoice, your invoice will be displayed and printed in receipt format:

    Note: When you print an invoice from the Sales tab this will print the invoice in the full PDF format, regardless of your settings.


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  3. APG Cash Drawers are now available in Australia

    POS'99 is supplying the high quality APG Cash Drawer to a number of small and large corporations in Australia and New Zealand.

    APG Cash Drawer requirements are mostly project based, and as such have a lead time of approximetly 4 weeks.

    The APG Cash Drawer range consist of the following options:

    Best - Performance Solutions Range:

    Exceeding customer and industry expectations, Performance cash drawers are the ultimate heavy duty cash drawers. 

    4 Million Transaction guarantee, 5 Year Warranty, Made for high volume operations such as: Fast food, C-Stores, Grocery.

    Series 4000 Cash Drawer (Part Number starts with “J”):

    • – Sizes range from (13 x 17) to (18.8 x 21) inches
    • – Painted or stainless steel front
    • – Rugged steel construction for demanding environments
    • – Limited Lifetime Warranty* (*Online Registration Required) 

    Series 100 Cash Drawer (Part Number starts with “T”):

    • – Sizes (16 x 16) or (16 x 19.5) inches
    • – One piece injection-molded inner drawer
    • – Small footprint with full size heavy duty till


    Better - Standard Solutions Range: 

    Standard cash drawers are a cost-effective solution for moderate volume environments, and includes features such as multi-function locks and drawer status reporting, found in more expensive cash drawers.

    1 Million Transactions, 3 Year Warranty, Medium volume such as: Hospitality, Retail

    Vasario™ Series Cash Drawer (Part Number starts with “V”):

    • – Sizes range from (13 x 13) to (19 x 15) inches
    • – Painted or stainless steel front
    • – Manual option availabl


    Good - Economical Solutions Range:

    APG's Entry level cash drawers, are cost-effective, highly functional economical cash drawers that offer excellent value for lower cash volume locations.

    500,000 Transactions, 1 Year Warranty, Low volume such as: Kiosk, Food truck, Pop up retail stores.

    Entry Level Cash Drawer (ECD)

    • – Size includes 16 x 16.5 inches
    • – Painted steel
    • – Hardwired printer interface


    Popular APG Cash drawer models include the following:

    • - Series 1150 Cash Drawer
    • - Series 1150 Brochure Series 1150 Spec Sheet
    • - Series 1517 Cash Drawer
    • - E3000 Cash Drawer
    • - E3600 Flip-Top Cash Drawer
    • - E3900 Cash Cassette Series
    • - STD2000 Cash Drawer


    Please contact us for more information and pricing, thanks!


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