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SocketMobile XtremeScan Rugged Barcode Scanner XS940 XG940 XS930 XG930

$1,319.00 $1,199.09
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SocketMobile XtremeScan Rugged Barcode Scanner XS940 XG940 XS930 XG930

SocketMobile XtremeScan Rugged Barcode Scanner XS940 XG940 XS930 XG930

Rugged warehouse scanner Compatible with iPhone 15 & 15 Pro, 14 & 14 Pro, iPhone 13 & 13 Pro and iPhone 12 & 12 Pro.

Choose between a 1D and 2D Omni-directional scanner that scans on mobile screens, or a meduim range very fast 1D laser scanner for very efficient warehouse scanning.

Optional Pistol Grip

The integration of the scanner with a heavy-duty case is designed to withstand heavy use in demanding industrial environments. The XtremeScan case provides IP65 sealed housing and protects against jets of low-pressure water. 

Select model from the drop dow list:

  • XS940 - 1D/2D Omni-directional  - Standard Range CX4181-3248 
  • XG940 - 1D/2D Omni-directional - Standard Range - with Pistol Grip CX411
  • XS930 - 1D Laser Fast Scanner - Medium Range CX4180-3247
  • XG930 - 1D Laser Fast Scanner  - Medium Range - with Pistol Grip CX4183-3250

Together with the iPhone, the XtremeScan barcode scanner becomes a versatile and powerful mobile solution that can be used with a variety of industrial applications.

The XS940 / XG940 features fast 1D/2D, omni-directional scanning for printed or on-screen barcodes with a highly visible and safe LED aimer. Depending on the barcode symbology, width, size, and label media, the XS940 can scan from 1.5 inches to 19.5 inches (3.8 to 49.5 cm). The industrial-grade, rugged housing can handle multiple drops onto concrete.

The XS930 / XG930 laser 1D barcode scanner is a modular, rugged, handheld mobile device that combines an iPhone case and scanner into a one-handed industrial-grade solution. It features long-range scanning capability, making it ideal for applications scanning barcodes on floor labels and rack labels on high shelves.  also uses inductive charging to charge the iPhone.