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LapCabby UniCabby 32 Bay (up to 14 inch) Laptops, Tablets and Chromebooks Storage and Charging Trolley UNICAB32H

$3,220.00 $2,927.27
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LapCabby UniCabby 32 BayStorage and Charging Trolley for Laptops, Tablets and Chromebook up to 14 inches.

LapCabby UniCabby 32 Bay for Laptops, Tablets and Chromebooks up to 14 inches - Storage and Charging Trolley UNICAB32H

The horizontal storage shelves store two devices side by side. The TabCabby offers fast, flexible and simultaneous charging with a programmable timer. The TabCabby offers silent charging with unique ventilation system and a built-in heat sensor shuts off power automatically if over-heating occurs.

Accommodates all types of tablets including iPad, Android tablets, Kindle Fire and more. Cases include Gripcase, Otterbox, Griffin Survivor and other larger cases.

TabCabby 32 Bay Tablet Storage and Charging Trolley.

  • Stores and Charges 32 tablets With or Without Protective Cases
  • Accommodates all types of Laptops, Tablets and Chromebooks up to 14 inches
  • Warranty - Lifetime
  • Supplied Fully Assembled.



  • Unit size: W950 x D510 x H1010mm 
  • Compartment sizes: W350 x D255 x H30mm


Main Features:

TabCabby 32H Compact only:

  • Individual shelf compartments accommodate two tablets side by side with or without protective cases. (Or one tablet per shelf for TabCabby 16H Compact).
  • Fixed shelves angle back slightly to allow devices to stay in place when moving the unit.


TabCabby 20-32V only

  • Extra strong, portable Caddys manufactured from injection moulded ABS plastic
  • Caddys have adjustable dividers to accommodate 5 tablets with cases and 8 tablets without, and slot onto sliding shelves for easy access (housing 2 Caddys per shelf)
  • Cables hang above the devices, meaning they can’t be removed from the front or go missing.


For all models:

  1. Locking mechanisms are on top to prevent broken keys, with a dual point locking system at the top and bottom of the door offering added security
  2. Extremely durable wheels - ensuring the bespoke fixing solutions can handle tough terrain for the entire lifetime of the unit. The rubber tyres absorb noise and bumps delivering quiet transit while protecting devices.Rather than a castor plate screwed on to the base of the unit we weld the fixing into the frame and on to a specially designed thick metal plate
  3. Inset, coloured door handles prevent protruding parts
  4. IEC power cables plug into the mains and are designed to snap out if pulled away from the wall, preventing damage to the unit or any nasty trips
  5. Fully welded mesh base and side vents allow constant air circulation, so no fan is required and devices charge in silence
  6. Ergonomic coloured ABS handles make LapCabbys easy to get from place to place
  7. Power 7 energy management system allows you to programme up to 21 different automatic charging schedules, 3 for each day of the week
  8. Rounded corner extrusions and rubber corner bumpers protect the unit, walls and devices when you’re on the move
  9. Fully welded steel frame, robust rubber wheels, and a welded binding plate offer ultimate strength and ensure wheels won’t come loose or buckle
  10. When unit is switched on, power strips boot up sequentially (1 second apart) to avoid a surge on the power supply
  11. Cable clip portholes gather excess cables and secure them in place. Cables are fed from the side power compartment into the front of the unit through cable clip portholes, meaning they can’t be removed from the front or go missing preventing cables from being removed from the front
  12. Separate power compartment opened with a concealed handle, allowing easy access to organise cables
  13. Compatible with any mobile device using chargers with standard electrical plugs, including iPads, Android tablets and e-book readers 
  14. NON Returnable Item