Pigment Inkjet Colour Label Printers

The most popular pigment inkjet colour label printers in Australia are the Epson TM-C3500, TM-C7500, VIPColor 495 and Primera LX2000 colour label printers. These colour label printers are ideal for printing highly durable labels.

These colour label printers print using pigment-based inks, that dry instantly, resulting in labels that do not smudge or smear.

Pigment inkjet colour label printers also offer better resistance to chemicals, oils, water, UV light, and abrasions when printed on, for example, matte chemical label material.

Pigment inkjet colour label printers are good options if you need to print durable labels, tags, tickets, or wristbands.


Dye-based Inkjet Colour Label Printers

Dye-based inkjet colour label printers, such as the Primera LX900, LX400, VIPColor VP485, or the Epson TM-C7500G (Gloss), are best for printing labels with much more vibrant colours as well as higher resolutions, ideal for product labels on glossy paper, polypropylene, clear labels and polyester labels.

Dye-based inkjet printers also have the largest selection of different materials print labels with.