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Socket Cradle / Dock Charge 1-Bay 6 / 600 / 700 Series Black (S700/S730/S740)

$125.00 $113.64
In Stock

Allows the scanner to charged and be used as a stationary scanner at the same time (Auto scan not available for all models)

This charging dock charges all the 6/600/700 series Socket Mobile barcode scanners, and allows you to scan at the same time.


  • Ideal for scanning/reading from mobile devices
  • includes AC USB charging cable and PSU
  • Incorporates small magnets to align the charging dock / scanner and firmly secures the scanner to the charging dock
  • Allows Auto Scan with the Socket 2D barcode scanners and the RFID reader model
  • Sylish, eliminating ugly wires
  • 90 Day Standard Limited Warranty