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Scantech-ID VM200 Multi-dimensional measuring device with 2D barcode Scanner

$2,389.00 $2,171.82
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Scantech-ID VM200 Multi-dimensional measuring device with 2D barcode Scanner

The Scantech-ID VM2 is a must-have and best choice for companies looking to measure cartons, packages, and objects to optimize its workload and workflow.

The Scantech-ID VM200 has an intelligent reading zone detection and a smart guiding aimer with alarm and continuous beeps with flashing red LED when no object is detected inside the good reading zone, which leads to easy measurement of objects very intuitively and very quickly.

The VM200 has configurable buttons that allow the operation flow best fit the application that enables users to optimize various multi-dimensional measurement applications, quickly and effectively.

Main Features:

  • Volume Scanner and Barcode Scanner all in one
  • No extra ruler and no pre-calibration needed
  • Patenting smart guiding aimer to quickly lead the measured object inside field of view
  • Intuitive reading and unmatched fact performance
  • Multi-function reader: 3D volume measurement and (optional)2D Barcode reader in a device
  • Measurement time: less than 1 second
  • Min. cube: 10cm , Max. cube: 90cm
  • Accuracy: less than 3% deviation
  • Ambient lighting: 0 to 15000 Lux. , avoid direct sunlight
  • 2 buttons consist in 4 optional operation setting to suite your application
  • Data output : Volume and W-H-L dimension data, dimensional weight, optional Barcode
  • Communication interface: USB or RS-232
  • Warranty 12 Months RTB Australian