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Epson M180-091 2 inch Kiosk Impact Dot Matrix Print Mechanism

$139.00 $126.36
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Faster than the M-150II printer

Epson M180-091 Kiosk Impact Dot Matrix Print Mechanism

  • 57.5m paper width (+/- .5mm) / 58mm paper width
  • The M-180 series of impact dot matrix printers offers greater durability and speed than the M-150 series.
  • The maximum printing speed is 1.7 lines / second and an MCBF of 1 x 106 lines.
  • The EpsonM180 printer is perfect for compact measuring instruments, 
  • The M-180 series has selectable print formats (18 to 42 columns)
  • The fast paper feeding function is standard on all models in the M-180 series.
  • The Epson M-180 can be operated on four Ni-Cd batteries
  • 12 month warranty.
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Color Black