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ZEBRA ZD410 Ultra-Compact 2-inch Label & Wristband Printer (Select Interface)

$485.00 $440.91
In Stock

The LITTLE printer designed with BIG business functionality. Select Interface from the list.

Zebra ZD410 Direct Thermal Printer Ultra-compact and fast “FITS ANYWHERE” 2-inch printer - Print labels from your iPad!

Compatible with Mac, Windows PC, iPod, iPad and iPhone (Depends on model and POS/eCommerce software)

The little printer designed with big business functionality. This printer creates high-quality barcode labels, receipts, tags and wristbands. It is super-fast and keeps your workers productive. The ZD410 is easy to use, operate and troubleshoot.

The ZD410 replaces the Zebra LP 2824, and is designed to be backwards compatible with existing applications, printer languages and formats, and allows for an easy upgrade from the Zebra LP 2824 Plus.

Interface / Model Options (Please select form the dropdown list above)

Please confirm your model compatibility with POS or eCommerce Software Provider before purchasing the Label Printer

  • Mac & PC - 203dpi USB & Bluetooth (not for iPad Bluetooth)
  • Mac & PC - 203dpi USB & Bluetooth & Ethernet  (not for iPad Bluetooth)
  • Mac & PC - 300dpi USB & Bluetooth  (not for iPad Bluetooth)
  • Mac & PC - 300dpi USB & Bluetooth & Ethernet  (not for iPad Bluetooth)
  • iPad & PC - 203dpi USB & Bluetooth & WiFi 
  • iPad & PC - 300dpi USB & Bluetooth & WiFi  


Main Features:

  • Available in either 200dpi or 300dpi resolution models. (300dpi is ideal for small labels, specimen containers, small barcodes)
  • A more space-saving design to fit in the tightest of spaces.
  • Disinfectant-ready plastics  - Ideal for clinics, labs, pharmacies and nurse stations.
  • More media flexibility - Standard movable media sensor accommodates off-center black marks, die-cut notches and more.
  • Updated user interface that makes it easier to use and troubleshoot.
  • Connectivity options - USB, Ethernet / LAN, 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1. (Select Interface)
  • Plug-and-play replacement of aging Zebra LP2824 Plus and competitive printers. (I.e. backwards compatible)
  • Integrate, manage and maintain your printers from any location with Link-OS.
  • Physical Dimensions: 220 mm L x 115 mm W x 151 mm H
  • MFi - Made for iPad, iPod, iPhone - Bluetooth and Wifi Models - Please check compatibility with your Software Provider
  • 12 Months warranty



  • Maximum Media Width - 60mm
  • Maximum Print Width - 56mm
  • Maximum Label Length - 991mm
  • Core 25mm or 38mm
  • Maximum Print Speed - 152mm/second 203dpi and 102mm/second 300dpi 
  • 127mm OD


Optional Accesories (Please select form the dropdown box above)

  • Label Cutter Kit ( P1079903-021 )
  • Label Peel Kit ( P1079903-022 )
  • Media Core Adapters ( P1079903-033 )
  • Bracket ( P1079903-037 ) 

Replacement For: 282P-201140-000, 282P-2011P0-000, 282P-2011P1-040, 282P-2011P2-040, 282P-201240-000, 282P-2012P0-000, 282P-201540-000, 282P-2015P0-000 

Optional Extended Warranty:

  • Zebra OneCare, Essential
  • Purchased within 30 days of Device
  • 3 Day TAT NA, MX; 5 DAY TAT
  • ROW
  • ZD4x0
  • 3 Years
  • Comprehensive
  • See Brochure attached for full specifications

ZD41022-D0PM00EZ |  ZD41022-D0PE00EZ | ZD41023-D0PM00EZ | ZD41023-D0PE00EZ | ZD41022-D0PW02EZ | ZD41023-D0PW02EZ