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HIKE POS Hardware

Hike POS is one of the leading Retail Point of Sale Software providers in Australia and the USA.

Hike POS Compatible Receipt Printers include: STAR TSP143 (LAN, iPad | PC | Mac), STAR TSP143 (BLUETOOTH iPad | Mac),  STAR TSP143 (USB, PC | Mac), STAR SM-S220i (BLUETOOTH,  iPad), EPSON TM-T82II USB & LAN (iPad | PC | Mac), EPSON TM-T88VI (USB & LAN (iPad | PC | Mac),  EPSON TM-M30 (LAN & BLUETOOTH,  iPad | Mac | PC).

Hike POS Compatible Barcode Scanners include: SOCKET MOBILE S700 (PC | iPad | Mac) , HONEYWELL VOYAGER 1400G (USB) PC | Mac, MOTOROLA CS3070 (BLUETOOTH).