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Zebra TC75 TC75X Android Mobile Computer and Scanner

$4,740.00 $4,309.09
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Rugged PDT for the toughest applications, fast processing speed.

Zebra TC75 or TC75X Android Mobile Computer and Scanner

Price is RRP please call to confirm pricing.

Ideal solution for workers in the field need a mobile computer to communicate and access information, this is an enterprise-class hand-held device that has been designed for field use that is both highly rugged, designed for robust use, and at the same time is as easy to use as a smartphone. 

The touch computers in the TC75 or TC75X series has a tough design for reliable and everyday operation.  With the TC75 or TC75X you can have access to practically all information in your back-end systems wherever and whenever you need it. The immediate Push-to-Talk communication with field staff, line managers, despatch coordinators and colleagues in the office makes it a must have for instant communication where timing and safety is critical.

The TC75 or TC75X has 4G LTE support and provides robust and wireless connections in the fastest mobile networks in the world.

TC75 and TC75X models to choose from:

Included as standard: Hand Strap, BatterySE4750, Android, 2 Nano Sims, 1 Micro Sim, 1 Micro SD

  • TC75   - 4G, WLAN, Bluetooth. 4 .x, NFC, 1.3 MP Front / 13MP Rear Camera, GMS, 2GB RAM/ 16GB Memory. TC75FK-2MB22AD-A6
  • TC75   - 4G, WWAN, Bluetooth. 4 .x, NFC, 1.3 MP Front / 13MP Rear Camera,  GMS.  TC75BH-GA11ES
  • TC75   - 1.3 MP Front / 13MP Rear Camera,  802.11abgndhikr,  1GB/8GB Memory, BT 4.0, NFC.  TC75BH-KA11ES
  • TC75X - 1.3 MP Front / 13MP Rear Camera,  GMS, 4GB RAM/32GB Memory.  TC75FK-2MB24AD-A6
  • TC75X - 13MP Rear Camera, GMS, 2GB RAM/16GB Memory, No hot battery swap. C75FK-2MF22AD-A6
  • TC75X - 1.3 MP Front / 13MP Rear Camera, 4GB/32GB Memory,  AOSP.  TC75FK-22B24AD-A6
  • TC75X - 13MP Rear Camera, No hot battery swap. TC75FK-22F22AD-A6
  • TC75X - 1.3 MP Front / 13MP Rear Camera, 2GB RAM/16GB Memory,  AOSP. TC75FK-22B22AD-A6

Main Features:

  • Rugged
  • Dual Sim Slot
  • Exchangeable strong battery
  • Integrated scan functionality
  • High quality integrated camera
  • Professional accessories


Included in the box:  Touch Computer TC75, Battery, Hand Strap, Quick start guide

Optional Accessories - Please call for pricing:

  • Battery for Touch Computer 
  • Scan handle certified in combination with Touch Computer TC 7x series
  • 4-slot battery charging station
  • Base station for Touch Computer
  • USB adapter cable for Touch Computer 
  • Power supply with DC connecting cable
  • Power supply for USB adapter cable
  • AC power cable suitable for power supply with DC connection cable
  • AC power cable suitable for power supply with USB adapter cable