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Honeywell HF680 2D Hybrid Presentation Scanner HF680-0-1USB

$219.00 $199.09
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Ideal presentation scanner for fast and efficient barde reading, can read most 2D barcodes include QR codes.

Honeywell HF680 2D Hybrid Presentation Scanner  - USB interface with 1.5 meter cable

The Honeywell HF680 presentation and hands-free 2D area-imaging scanner can easily read various barcode standards of 1D, PDF and 2D Symbologies.

The Honeywell HF68o is rugged and durable and is compatible with various LCD and OLED smart-phone screens and paper-based product barcodes. Frequent switching of scanning modes by the user is not required, significantly boosting the decoding range and improving efficiency.

Ideal for manufacturing facilities, medical treatment and healthcare facilities, and retail POSs.

Includes 1.5 meter long USB cable

HF680 Features:

  • Scan barcodes on mainstream LCD screens (with brightness level ranges of 10% to 100%) and OLED screens. I
  • Scan barcodes on paper with a print contrast of at least 20%, as well as barcodes that are highly dense, smudged, or contain complete information despite damage.
  • Plug-and-play simplicity with convenience and speed.
  • 18 recessed LED lights in the scan window prevents eye strain.
  • When not in use, lighting will automatically turn off, and lighting stays on when the product is in intermittent use. 
  • The IR design can deliver accurate and efficient sensing and decoding, effectively preventing repetitive scanning 
  • The HF680 can capture the image and start decodingInstantly, as the barcode flashes through the scan window, delivering a very smooth decoding experience to the user
  • Can read 3-mil barcodes, barcodes covered with water droplets, bent barcodes, damaged barcodes that contain complete information, lengthy barcodes, highly-dense QR codes, and inverse barcodes.
  • It can read barcodes on LCD and OLED screens with minimum brightness. When the mainstream smartphone screen’s brightness is 10% or more, HF680 can quickly read the barcodes.
  • Can scan barcodes on paper with a print contrast of at least 20%. Even when the printing quality is too poor, HF680 can still help the user decode at a desirable speed.
  • All key components, which are theoretically designed, pass strict testing. In a simulated user environment, the product lasts more than 40,000 hours (or more than three years).
  • 3 years RTB Warranty Australia
  • Physical Dimensions (L x W x H):  85 mm x 88mm x 139 mm
  • Decode Capability: Reads standard 1D, PDF, 2D Symbologie 
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Color Black