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Healthcare Supplies

POS'99 only sells Branded, Top Quality and Medical Grade Thermal Paper in Australia, where it is important for legislated record keeping purposes in Hospitals, Medical Practices and Government Departments.

Buying the best quality thermal rolls will also help to prolong the printer's print head, saving you money in the long run, and give Doctors and Patients the peace of mind that transaction records will not fade away, and last longer than stipulated by the Medical Governing Bodies and the State and Federal Governments.

Certifications and important factors to consider are:

  • - The ISO Certifications that apply to Medical Recording keeping and the corresponding standards that apply to these types of papers.
  • - Forest Chain of Custody with both FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®).
  • - PEFC™ (Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification).
  • - A basic pre-requisite for perfect printing is that a paper must be chosen to suit the printer and the application. 
  • - Dynamic sensitivity is especially important when choosing the right paper for a particular printer.
  • - A fast printer requires paper with a high dynamic sensitivity.
  • - The faster the printer works, the less time the paper stays beneath the thermal print head.
  • - If you purchase thermal paper with too low a sensitivity, the heat will not be sufficient to produce a fully blackened image, and in turn the image or lettering will not last so long.
  • - Recommended Regular Base Weight of Paper and the Base weight variation.
  • - Caliper (Thickness of Paper) and variance of the Caliper.
  • - Paper Density & Moisture on Delivery.
  • - Opacity & Whiteness.
  • - Smoothness & Curls (E.g. Filing / Recordkeeping requirements).
  • - Light Resistance & Optical Density.
  • - Tear Strength and Image Stability.
  • - Initial Temperature & Saturation Temperature.


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