The entry-level TM-C3500 is rated at around 500 labels per day, with relatively low print resolution compared to the other printers. The TMC3500's typical print cycle would be less than 5 print jobs at a time.

The CW-C6500 (C6510A / C6510P) and CW-C6000 (C6010A & C6010P) series printers are basically the same print engine, just that the former is 8” wide versus the latter which is 4”. These are very high-resolution printers with daily print cycles in the order of around 2,000 labels per day. And a typical print run would be in the order of 100 labels.

The TM-C7500 is also a high-resolution printer but is the substantially higher speed at 300mm/sec, and is rated at 5,000 labels per day. Typical print runs would range anywhere from a few hundred (on the low side) to several thousand at a time.

Please note that the above labels per day figure is an indication of capability and not a limitation. Many people are printing more than 500 labels per day on the C3500, but it takes more time and effort to get them printed out.

It is not possible to give a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for each of the models, as it all depends on the material and the colours used, but in general, the more expensive the printer, the lower the TCO will be. POS99 is able to do a print cost simulator that can provide precise ink costs and label yields per colour cartridge - Please email us your artwork in TIF or PDF format ( at least 300dpi resolution) and we can put it through the simulator.