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BenchMATE Manual Label Applicator for Bottles and Tubes

$1,389.00 $1,262.73
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Ideal for smaller runs, this cost effective applicator will cut down labelling time significantly.

This BenchMate Manual Label Applicator is suitable for round products, such as bottles, jars, vials, tubes and a wide range of cylindrical products.

The BenchMATE's versatility makes it suitable for the packaging industry, small wineries, cottage industries, primary producers, food, cosmetics manufacturers, and pharmaceutical industries. In fact, anywhere that labels need to be applied.

The BenchMATE label applicator can be used to print and apply at the same time, the interface and foot pedal has been designed to link this manual labeller to a full colour printer. The user will tap the foot pedal after applying the label to send a signal to the interface to print the next batch of labels. This solution of the BenchMATE, interface and colour printer allows hands free production by allowing the user to print while never having to stop labelling. It allows companies to print smaller batches of labels and have full control over their labelling needs.

Ideal for use with the Epson TM-C3500 and TM-C7500 printers.

If you are not sure if the world’s best labeller will work with your products, please feel free to ship your products to us and we will test them and send you a video.

Select from 3 models:

  • BenchMate for bottles, jars, vials and tubes with diameters from 55mm (2 1/4")  and above. (Container Diameter: 55mm - 250mm) (Label Height: 10mm - 186m Length: 25mm+).
  • BenchMate Plus + for bottles, jars, vials and tubes with diameters from 17mm (11/16") and above. (Container Diameter: 17mm - 250mm) (Label Height: 10mm - 175m Length: 25mm+).
  • BenchMate Wide Body: (Container Diameter: 55mm - 250mm) (Label Height: 10mm - 230m Length: 25mm+).


BenchMATE - Perfect for bottles, jars, vials and tubes with diameters from 55mm (2 1/4") and above.

The original & best hand label applicator (patented in 1992) produces perfectly positioned labels every time, at a rate of 8 - 12 bottles per minute. The BenchMate is precise, dependable and easy to use. Designed to run reliably at the heart of your business for years on end, the BenchMate is virtually unbreakable, in fact we've got customers who've used their's without replacement parts or servicing for 25 years.

BenchMATE Plus + - Perfect for smaller sized products with diameters 17mm (11/16") and above

The BenchMATE+ is the BenchMATE with the addition of a small container adaptor and the top roller assembly to add pressure to light containers. This simple addition enables the BenchMATE+ to effortlessly apply both front and back label professionally to all round products as small as 17mm(11/16") in diameter.



BenchMate integrated with an Epson TM-C3500 (Extra hardware and cables and guides required)

The optional extra equipment required to integrate with the Epson TM-C3500 include:

  • Printer Interface
  • Printer Interface Foot Switch
  • Interface MX/BM Cable
  • Printer Interface Label Guide