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Bartender Label Design Software - Basic, Professional, Automation, Enterprise Automation


 BarTender is the world's best and most trusted Barcoding Software.

Create barcodes, label designs, automate your labelling and many more functions.

BarTender  -is easy to use, easy to integrate with existing databases and with four editions, it is easy to upgrade as your needs expand.


Compatible with any Windows Printer - Prints with Windows print drivers (Not compatible with Mac). If Windows recognises the printer it will work with BarTender.

Microsoft Certified - Intuitive user interface, certified by Microsoft to look and feel like Word and Excel.

Print any Barcode Type - Vast library of barcodes from all over the world, great for exporting products overseas.

Images and Fonts - A large font library is available at your fingertips to use in your label design and printing, allowing you to create unique and eye catching labels.

Database Connections - If your current labels have the same design and just different information, sunch as prices or barcode numbers, BarTender allows for the data to be imported from a database.  (Not included with BarTender Basic)

GS1 Certified  - BarTender's GS1 certification ensures the barcodes you print will meet the GS1 standards.


Comparison of all Bartender Editions:



Basic Edition



Professional Edition



Automation Edition



Enterprise Automation Edition



Powerful entry-level software



 Added features from the Basic Edition, to save time designing  and printing labels. 



Added features from the Pro Edition



SAP and Oracle integration



Single user (PC) license.



Single user (PC) license.



Licensed on a 'per-printer' basis



Licensed on a 'per-printer' basis



Perfect for simple label design and printing.

Print to any Windows-compatible printer.

Design and print labels, cards, barcodes, mag stripe cards, and more.

Optimise print speeds for any printer or marking device.

 Design data-entry forms that can accept print-time input from keyboards or barcode scanners.     




Read from Excel, CSV files, databases.

Encode data to RFID labels.









The software can be installed on as many computers as required.

Intelligent template designing.

Live print status monitoring.

Detailed system usage history.

Automatic printing in response to SDK requesets and transactions.  





Most powerful label design and printing software on the market.

SAP and Oracle integration.

Centralized system management and template storage.

Electronic signature support & smart card encoding.

Browser-hosted printing full SDK control.

Automatic printing in response to Web service API or TCP/IP communications.




Online Training & Technical Support


BarTender Registration

First register your BarTender Software in order to receive email, phone and chat support from Bartender.

Under "Email" enter your email address and under "My reseller's company is" enter POS99.


BarTender Technical Support

BarTender includes legendary technical support, both online and from offices around the world.


BarTender Support & Training Center

All the BarTender Support and the Bartender Training Centre.


Getting Started with BarTender

Videos that help you perform the most common tasks for new BarTender users.