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Honeywell / Datamax External Label Rewinder/ Unwinder - Suitable to Desktop Label Printers (DMXREW2)

$1,199.00 $1,090.00
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4 inch wide rewinder Suitable to Desktop Label Printers

Low stock holding - May have a 4 week lead time

Honeywell / Datamax External Label Rewinder and Unwinder - Suitable to Desktop Label Printers (DMXREW2)

For labels up to 9.5" wide, on a 3 inch core - Automatically adjusts to any printer speed up to 15 ips and even automatically allows label back-feeding if your printer requires it.

This is a 220V unit and we supply an AU line cord.

The constant Adjustable Torquetm ("CAT") technology ensures silent operation and constant, uniform tension on the label take-up reel without dancer or tensioning arms. The result is a short leader length, exceptionally easy threading, and no speed adjustments or troublesome clutches, belts, or gears. Dual “TORQUE” ranges and a “TORQUE” control knob set the desired tension on the DMX-REW2 Rewinder. The DMX-REW2 Rewinder can also be used as a label unwinder.

Rugged, heavy-duty steel construction allows the unit to be conveniently set in place near the label printer. Special anti-slip feet on the base prevent the unit from moving. This reliable, high-quality, maintenance-free unit features.

DMXREW2 Features:

  • Direction: Bi-directional. The direction is reversible via a switch
  • Rewind or Unwind
  • Label Width: Up to 9.5"
  • Roll Diameter: Up to 9.5"
  • Uses only 3" cores
  • Speed: Automatically adjusts to any printer speed up to 30-ips (762 mm/sec)
  • Continuously adjustable torque and braking control
  • Maximum torque is adjustable.
  • Start/Stop: Convenient ON-OFF switch.
  • Torque Range: NORMAL (REWIND), HIGH (SLIT); "EXTERNAL HALT CONTROL" – External control removes power to the motor and applies braking
  • DIMENSIONS: 12.75H x 15W x 12.5D" (324 x 381 x 318mm) 
  • BASE PLATE FOOTPRINT: 7 x 15" (180 x 356mm). Weight: Approximately 23lbs (10.5kg)
  • POWER REQUIREMENTS: 220V,  we supply an AU line cord.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty on included Power Supply Module
  • Non-Returnable Item